The most significant milestones during the 59 years of the most exciting race in the world: the Vallecana.

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    Linea de salida

    59 years at the starting line


    Antonio Sabugueiro and its friends devised the most emblematic run of our country nowadays: The San Silvestre Vallecana.

    Every 31st of December, 40.000 participants run through the streets of Madrid to spend the end of the year in the best possible way.

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    Jesús Hurtado

    Jesús Hurtado


    During its first edition, in 1964, only 57 participants run the race. Jesús Hurtado were the first champion of the beginning of this dream.

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    Mohamed Gammoudi

    Mohamed Gammoudi


    In 1968 he was an Olympic gold medalist in Mexico and he finished the year being the first international athlete winning the San Silvestre Vallecana.

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    El año en blanco

    A blank year


    The economic crisis left a void in the streets of Madrid on December 31st , 1969.

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    Categoría femenina

    Female category


    In 1981, women were able to participate in the San Silvestre Vallecana for the first time. The Norwegian Grete Wait, a world champion in Helsinki 1993 and a Olympic runner-up in Los Angeles 1984, was the winner of this edition.

    Photo Portuguese athlete Rosa Mota.

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    Isaac Viciosa

    Isaac Viciosa: Record-holder

    With four wins, three of those consecutives. Isaac is the athlete who gathers the highest number of San Silvestre Vallecana wins.

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    El impulso de Nike

    The momentum of Sponsors


    With the arrival of new sponsors, San Silvestre enters in a new dimension, becoming the social and sporting phenomenon that is today.

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    La primera camiseta dorsal

    The first t-shirt/number


    The San Silvestre sets the style. In 2002, the t-shirt/number appeared. Since then, it is a classic in the popular runs.

  • 9

    Tergaz-Martínez, Clash of Titans


    2004, a record year. Bets were opened till the end. Finally, the Australians Craig Mottram and Benita Johnson achieved the triumph.

  • 10
    Paula Radcliffe

    The emotion of Paula Radcliffe


    “It has been a wonderful way to bid farewell to the old year. This people has created an incredible experience”. Everyone who has participated in the Vallecana surely coincide with these statements of Paula Radcliffe at the finish line.

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    Los últimos españoles

    The latest Spanish winners

    2003 y 2008

    The most recent Spanish winners of the Vallecana were Chema Martínez (2003) and Marta Domínguez (2008). We look forward to seeing a Spanish athlete crossing the finish line in the first place. Will it be possible this year?

  • 12

    Kipchoge smashes the record of the San Silvestre and of the world


    In 2006, Eliud Kipchoge beat the world 10k road race record with 26:54 minutes, it could not be homologated because there was a difference in the altitude between the start and the finish line.

  • 13
    El gran momento

    The big Moment

    Some of the most emblematic places of Madrid have been the scene of the starting shot of the race.

  • 14
    Vallecas se hace mayor

    Vallecas gets older


    In 2006 the San Silvestre Vallecana overtook, in the number of people registered and in the level of the international athletes, the mythic San Silvestre of São Paulo.

  • 15

    Godmothers Then and now

    It has always awakened interest among women: Karina, Rocío Jurado, Rocío Dúrcal, Cristina Pedroche or Anne Igartiburu have been part of the history of this race.

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    La del 2015 fue la naranja

    In 2015 it was orange


    The San Silvestre Vallecana every year dyes the streets of Madrid with a color. We look forward to seeing the new t-shirt of this year. There is less time left.

  • 17
     Vallecana solo hay una

    Vallecana solo hay una


    And our war cry appeared. Because there are many San Silvestres but Vallecana is only one. #VallecanaSoloHayUna!

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    La del 2015 fue la naranja

    2018: A run of records


    The San Silvestre Vallecana of 2018 will go down in history as the run of records. The Ugandan Jacob Kiplimo, with 18 years old, stopped the clock at 26:39, with the best mark of the history of San Silvestre and a record for the 10k road races of the world. But not only that, the Kenyan Brigid Kosgei achieved a record in the female category too, with 29:53. Certainly, the best year of the San Silvestre Vallecana.

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     Vallecana solo hay una

    2019: We are gold


    After the 2018 records, in June of 2019, the Nationale-Nederlanden San Silvestre Vallecana entered into the world elite of road races. The IAAF awarded the run with its precious Gold Race Running Label, the highest award that recognizes the world races.

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    La del 2015 fue la naranja

    A different Vallecana


    2020 was a different year for everybody, but Madrid could not stay without La Vallecana. The pandemic forced us to reduce the capacity of the International race. Only a few privileged were able to run in a closed circuit in Vallecas. However, the race kept up its cheerful spirit.

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     Vallecana solo hay una

    2021: Spanish victory


    Almost 20 years later, a Spanish athlete wins La Vallecana again. Mo Katir reconquered the throne by setting the record for a Spanish athlete in the race. The Murcia-based athlete almost retained his victory the following year, but the duel with Cheptegei ended in victory for the Ugandan. .